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Service Policy

Service Policy

By choosing Kawkab LLC (“we”, “us”, or “Kawkab LLC”) to perform services at your home or facility (“site”), the Customer (“you”, “your”, or “Customer”) agrees to the following:


Appointment Deposit Fee

At the time of scheduling an appointment, the Customer’s credit card will be charged a $50 appointment deposit fee, which will be credited to the Customer’s final invoice at the time services are rendered.


Customer Cancellation and Rescheduling

Please contact us via text message, email or phone call as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your appointment.  Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will not be refunded the $50 appointment deposit fee. Cancellations made once Kawkab LLC’s service technician has arrived to the site of the appointment will be charged the full cost of service.


Kawkab LLC Cancellation

In the event we need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we will let you know as quickly as possible.  If possible, we will work with you to determine another available appointment time. If due to no fault of the Customer, we are unable to reschedule the appointment time and the Customer paid the Appointment Deposit Fee, then the Appointment Deposit Fee will be refunded.


Photo and Video Release Authorization Permission

Customer agrees that Kawkab LLC may take and use such photographs and videos of the site and property at or related to the site with or without my name and for any lawful purposes, including but not limited to such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, web content, and social media.


Pets and Noise-Sensitive Individuals

Our service technicians will be transporting equipment and tools in and out of your site during the scheduled service period.  We will also be using long hoses and electrical cords with machinery that may be considered loud.  Please make safe accommodation for any pets or noise-sensitive individuals during the scheduled service. 


Moving Furniture

If requested by Customer, Kawkab LLC service technicians will move furniture such as couches, tables, and recliners, for a fee.  If Customer does not want furniture to be moved, then we will attempt to clean around the furniture; however, we are not responsible for any damage, wear or tear that may occur to the furniture during the process of cleaning the carpets or surfaces next to the furniture.


Spots, Stains & Odor Removal

During pre-inspection, you are responsible for pointing out the spots and stains which you are seeking to have removed.  Any spot that remains after cleaning is considered a stain. Stain removal is charged separately.

We will attempt to remove the stains at an agreed upon rate; however, we cannot guarantee complete removal or satisfaction for all stain types and we are not responsible for removing stains that you do not point out during the pre-inspection process.

  • Small, Unnoticeable Stains

  • Paint Stains & Permanent Stains: We may not be able to fully remove paint stains, varnish, black shoe sole stains, filtration stains, dyes, inks, rust, burn stains, or any substance that is known cause permanent staining. If we do attempt to remove such stains, we do not guarantee complete removal or satisfaction.

  • Pet Stains, Urine Stains, Odor Removal: Pet urine may affect the carpet, padding and sub-flooring. Cleaning the carpet may not remove pet odors. Pet odor removal is a separate service that involves treating and/or replacing the pad beneath the carpet and possibly replacing or sealing the sub-flooring beneath the padding. Kawkab LLC is not responsible for cosmetic or structural damage that may result from pet urine treatment or removal and does not guarantee complete odor or stain removal. Full odor removal may only be achieved through fully removing and replacing the carpet, padding and sub-flooring.

  • Traffic Lanes and Black Sole Shoe Stains:  Traffic lanes in carpet are created by fabric wear, black sole shoe stains, asphalt, pH staining, and embedded soils. We cannot guarantee a significant change in appearance and do not guarantee complete traffic lane soil removal.


Excessive Pet Fur or Human Hair

Carpet cleaning includes a reasonable amount of human hair and pet fur removal through the process of vacuuming the surface (carpet or upholstery) one-time.

If your carpet or upholstery has excessive amounts of pet fur or human hair, we will charge a fee to attempt to remove as much hair as possible prior to our cleaning. We make no guarantee to fully remove pet or human hair from your carpet or upholstery.


Insect/Rodent Infestation

Kawkab LLC will not clean or treat surfaces at a site that has an insect or rodent infestation, including but not limited to, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, lice, mice, rats, snakes, and other vermin. Please contact us once your site has been treated and cleared by a professional extermination service.  If Kawkab LLC arrives on-site and determines that there is an infestation that prevents us from performing or continuing services, then services will be stopped and the Customer will be charged and is responsible for the full cost of services plus any and all fees related to the disinfection and/or replacement of any of Kawkab LLC’s equipment, tools, machinery, uniforms and/or other instruments of the trade which came into contact with the site and/or the infestation.



Kawkab LLC is not responsible for any injuries, including but not limited to slips, trips, and falls, that may result from or that may be related to the cleaning of surfaces at your site. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from our hoses, equipment, other instruments of our trade, and/or furniture being in a walkway. 

As different elements and contributing factors, including but not limited to level of moisture, level of humidity, air movement, thickness of carpet, level of soiling, and outside humidity, can affect the drying time of surfaces, the Customer should take care for at least 72 hours after a cleaning service to minimize any risk of hazards related to drying time.


Time Sensitive Service Requests

Requests related to re-cleaning specific areas must be received by Kawkab LLC within 48 hours of the original service date and time; the request may be made via phone, text, email or letter.

If the original service was in any way related to pets, the 48 hours re-cleaning window is void; however, this may be amended at the discretion of Kawkab LLC.


Personal Items and Items of Value

Prior to our arrival, please have your personal items as well as items of value appropriately stored away.

Please have small furniture and personal items, such as books, clothing, toys, shoes, etc., off the floor.  Any personal items or small furniture that hinder the service process will either be moved at the Customer’s expense or the service technician will clean around the item.  We are not responsible for damage that may occur due to the cleaning around or movement of personal items left in the area to be serviced.


Normal Wear and Tear

While we take every precaution to care for your site, we are not responsible for normal wear and tear such as minor scratches, dents and scuffs that might result from service.


Site Release

As owner, landlord, tenant or agent of the owner, landlord or tenant, you release Kawkab LLC, and its owners, employees, contractors, managers, directors, insurers, and any all assignees from any and all service complaints and or all claims of damage to your site when you agree to allow Kawkab LLC’s service technicians to be in your site with or without your presence.


Privacy Policy

It is of the utmost importance for us to protect the privacy and personal information of our site visitors and customers.

Data Collection, Use, and Sharing

We are the sole proprietors of the information collected on this site. We only collect data that are voluntarily provided by site visitors, and we never sell this information to any third parties without informed consent. Unless you indicate otherwise, we may contact you to tell you about KAWKAB LLC updates or changes to this privacy policy.


Control Over Data

You are free to contact us at any time to inquire about what information we hold about you, to change any of your details which need to be corrected or updated, or to express any concerns you have regarding our use of your data.

Information Security

We take comprehensive steps to protect your information. Sensitive data is always encrypted, stored on our secure servers, and transmitted using the safest methods.



By choosing Kawkab LLC, you agree to settle unresolved complaints and disputes through a reputable arbitration company in or near Houston, Texas.

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